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Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit

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Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit

Most Popular Bikini

Two-piece, thong, tankini, shorts, bandeau tops, sling bikini, micro bikini, monokini —- Over the years, has generated bikini styles and designs.

Most of these designs can be a little bold, while some are comfortable relaxation. Whatever your taste, here's a quick list of the most popular styles of bikini:

  • Classical Bikini

The classic bikini is today perhaps one of the most common and popular types of bikini. It is a two-piece garment designed to cover the chest, groin and buttocks.

Depending on your preference, you can choose from a variety of designs of bikinis, styles and cuts. The top, for example, can Hatteras, or a tube top or a bandeau. If you want a system that offers more support then a halter is the perfect choice. You can also select from the traditional triangle top that lifts and shapes the breast.

  • Tankini

A tankini is a type of bikini that offers more coverage than a normal bikini. The top usually a sleeveless cut covering the entire chest area. There are tankinis that cover the upper body to the navel of the person.

Tankinis also come in a variety of materials. Popular options include Lycra, nylon, cotton and spandex.

A tankini is the ideal choice for women who have long torsos but small chest and lower abdomen tone. They are also perfect for women who are conservative or who are not comfortable using a bikini.

  • String Bikini

A string bikini is the sexy version of the traditional bikini. Its name is derived from the strings in its design. Usually includes a triangular shaped top that is connected by a thin string. The groin is also covered by a cloth triangle with two strands around the waist area. A string bikini is the perfect choice if you want a sexy all less revealing bikini.

  • Microkini

If you want an ultra bikini, then a microkini is just for you. A microkini bikini is a variation of which has a thin strip of cloth covering the chest and the area genital. The term derives from the fact that hardly covers the body to fill the gap between nudism and conservative swimwear. A microkini is ideal for those wishing to have a less even without being so bare.

  • Sling Bikini

Also known as strapless bikini, the bikini is a deep suit of one piece that offers less coverage than a traditional swimsuit. The harness or belt passing around waist. Each strap is suspended from the shoulders thus covering only the middle portion of the breast.

  • Monokini

A monokini is a bikini type which has only the lower half of the bikini. It has no bikini top that leaves the breasts bare. A monokini is ideal for women who want to sunbathe topless.

Because it is topless, the monokini has drawn much criticism and rejection.

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