Black Pants Slacks


Black Pants Slacks
What to wear to a model / actor call tomorrow?

It is said to dress casual, but I do not think jeans are appropriate. Therefore, I was thinking black pants / trousers with a shirt or sweater of some sort. I've heard to go very basic with almost no clothes and jewels, so I'm trying to adhere to those standards. Would black pants and a black sweater too black? I have blond hair, so do not think I need any kind of bright clothing, but could be wrong. PLEASE HELP! Am 5'6''5'5'', 116 pounds, so I'm trying to build the most flattering clothing as possible, because my stats are not too impressive. would be black leggings and a tunic or a dress can be?

I've been a of those … and what is welcome to wear clean jeans and a nice shirt … not take so I do not like black … wear makeup and just want to see how you are … if you just like a necklace and a bracelet on it is fine, but do not like super Gaud up … That's what I did and was put into

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